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Mc Donanlds_Misunderstood texts · Pablo Fusco · PANK
Mc Donanlds_Misunderstood texts
La Campañol_Gallo
Ford Focus - Oficina
Citi Bank - Experiences
Coca Cola_ Frozen
Speedy - Navidad
Commercials Reel
Pan Bimbo - Picnic
Music video reel
Music video reel
Butterfly Explotion - Run
Rufus Wainwright - Bitter Tears
Los Comming Soon - La Pista
Hermanos Mc Kenzie - GuaGuaGua
M83 - Steve Mc Queen
Drama Reel 2014 · Dir · CEO
Drama Reel 2014
She Wolf
Los Blancos
Lugares de encuentro
Social Futbol - Sierra Grande · Fede Garcia · Frame Zero
Social Futbol - Sierra Grande
Some people go to collage and university to study film, cinema and media and things like that. No doubt a very good idea however I was never much good in classroom. Something about them just stifled me. I chose instead to head into the wider world as soon as I could. As a result I found my vocation later then most and being totally untrained started at the bottom making tea and dragging magliners through the mud making my way doggedly through the ranks of the camera department. That progress can be seen very clearly through my IMDB page. In 2009 I took the opportunity that immigrating to Argentina offered to proclaim myself DOP and haven’t looked back. I can remember my first commercial. I was finally doing what id wanted to do all these years with my own gaffer and crew and it was so much easier that being a focus puller!! Ive been here In Buenos aires shooting for Pank, Landia, Nunchaku and Mu amongst others. Ive had the opportunity to shoot several short films both for directors in the UK, Argentina and the US. Ive shot commercials in Uruguay Brazil and Mexico. Ive been shooting music videos with friends and thought provoking documentaries for TV. Im looking forward to my first feature but I still cant believe my luck, I really do have the best job in the world.
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